Technological approach
Electronics and components for IoT Projects

Perinet focuses on the seamless connection of sensors and actuators with IT-systems (e.g. ERP) to improve the operational value chain through newly-gained transparency and analytics. We develop and produce new, innovative electronic and electromechanical components based on state-of-the-art technologies and the software to enable them. 

Our approach allows for direct, fully encrypted communication with each individual sensor and actuator deployed in the field, directly from your data hub.

It facilitates easy operational access to relevant process-management data and opens new potential to a wide variety of new as well as established use cases, i.a. in industry 4.0 modular manufacturing, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, building automation, etc. The Perinet approach is based on hybrid single-pair ethernet and easily implemented in newly-built environments or – as a retrofit – in aged or analogue settings, as such enabling the digitalization of processes even with a non-digital equipment stock.

About us

Innovative ideas for new IoT Use Cases

Development, production, consulting

Perinet was founded in October 2018 with the goal to become a first mover in a highly-specialized niche market. With the vision of seamless IoT-connectivity, we are dedicated to our mission of bringing sensors and actuators to the IP-world.

Our team combines long-standing experience in both development and practical application of digitalization- and IoT-solutions.

We are based in Berlin-Adlershof, the largest science- and technology-park in Germany; a perfect breeding ground and eco-system for the development of innovative, disruptive technologies.

Complementary consulting services on use case development and digitalization, particularly regarding sensor2cloud connectivity, round off our service offering.