The Starter Kit Plus also contains the following parts:

  • periMICA modular edge computer
  • periNODE smart adapter 0-10V with temperature sensor
  • periNODE smart adapter GPIO contactor switch
  • periSTART media converter
  • periSWITCH 3-port switch
  • periLINE hybrid SPE cable

In addition to the sensor, actuator and the required hybrid SPE components, the Starter Kit Plus contains a preconfigured periMICA modular edge computer. This enables the visualization of sensor values via Grafana dashboard, the implementation of a specific logic between sensor and actuator, as well as the detailed demonstration of the patented PKI2go security concept with 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Starter Kit Plus

The Starter Kit Plus is the starting signal for a fully-fledged IoT application. The logic included in the scope of delivery, which is implemented as a software container on the periMICA modular edge computer, demonstrates the possibility of developing your own applications. For this purpose, some of our partners offer software platforms on which logic can be designed either graphically or using a known (soft) PLC language.

MQTTs is used as the communication protocol, which can be easily integrated into existing MQTTs applications via a browser-based web UI.

In addition to the Perinet Smart Components, the Starter Kit Plus also contains the periMICA modular edge computer:

  • periNODE smart adapter 0-10V und periNODE smart adapter GPIO
  • periSTART media converter standard
  • periSWITCH 3-port switch
  • periLINE hybrid SPE cable
  • periMICA modular edge computer

Our Starter Kit Plus includes a more complex setup. In addition to a sensor and an actuator, it also includes a pre-configured periMICA modular edge computer. With the help of the periMICA, both the visualisation of the sensor values via a Grafana dashboard and the detailed demonstration of our PKI2go security concept, which ensures full protection of your data through end-to-end encryption, are possible.

periMICA basesystem Version 23-01
Starter Kit Plus container bundle Version 23-02
Starter Kit Plus update container bundle

Version 23-02

periNODE distance Version 18
periNODE distance Version 22
periNODE 0-10V Version 18
periNODE 0-10V Version 22
periNODE GPIO Version 18
periNODE GPIO Version 22
periNODE Pt100 Version 18
periNODE Pt100 Version 22
periSTART standard Version 18
periSTART standard Version 22


Order numbers and details

Starter Kit Plus PRN.000.063 secured and distributed IIoT-demonstrator
periNODE 0-10V PRN.000.002 smart adapter for 0 to 10V signal type
periSTART standard PRN.000.003 hybrid SPE media converter with M8 connector
periSWITCH 3-port PRN.000.008 3-port hybrid SPE switch
periNODE GPIO PRN.000.010 smart adapter for GPIO signal type
periLINE 0.2m PRN.000.017 hybrid SPE cable with M8 connectors
periMICA PRN.000.025 modular edge computer