Pioneer of SPE Link between IT and field level

A few years back, we conceived the idea of bridging the internet and machine realms. The nameless concept aimed to create an adaptable, open platform to link machinery and plants directly to the cloud and each other, aiming for groundbreaking results.

This gave birth to MICA, a modular industrial computer, also known as Edge Gateway. It won the 2016 HERMES Award and evolved into a network of software solutions for industrial applications, particularly in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance via retrofitting.

To complete the cloud-to-field infrastructure, we recognized the need to reach sensors for better data access, offering user-friendly implementations of use cases.

Decades of valuing innovation and boldness led me to prioritize a robust infrastructure linking data hubs, sensors, and actuators at the field level. This inspiration drove the establishment of Perinet GmbH to further pursue this idea detached from MICA's industrialization.

Dietmar Harting
Entrepreneur & Visionary
Perinet GmbH

Seamless communication right down to the field level

Founded in 2018 by Dietmar Harting as a start-up, Perinet GmbH in Berlin employs over 20 people who specialize in the direct, smart and secure connection of sensors and actuators to the cloud, internet and company IT.

Perinet GmbH's vision is to enable an end-to-end infrastructure from the field level to IT (including in the cloud) on the basis of standards.
Successful digitalization requires a powerful infrastructure that seamlessly connects data hubs with sensors and actuators at field level.

Perinet GmbH is committed to this task and was the first company in the world to develop suitable components based on proven open standards such as SPE.

PeriCORE - the first SPE-based module on the market with a fully integrated network stack - forms the uniform basis of Perinet Smart Components. The module enables a direct network connection of sensors and actuators of all kinds with exceptionally short development times.

The Perinet platform enables sustainable and secure solutions for the growing digitalization in industry (Industry 4.0, IIoT) and building automation (Smart Building): Existing machines and systems become IIoT-connected systems through minimally invasive retrofitting, and old buildings quickly become energy-efficient with little effort and low maintenance costs ("smart building").

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