Components of the Perinet IoT System

periCORE SPE Module

Award-winning: Perinet's periCORE SPE module enables the direct integration of Single Pair Ethernet into basic sensors and actuators for the first time. This makes periCORE the central element in the Perinet Seamless IoT Connectivity System.

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Smart Components

With their integrated periCORE module, Perinet Smart Components enable networks that are transparent from the data perspective from OT to IT.
The direct connection of a field device to IT systems requires only two Smart Components: periNODE and periSTART.
The wide scalability allows complex systems with almost any number of field devices to be implemented quickly and economically.

The Smart Components product series features the following components:



periNODE 0-10V

periSNOOP 4-20mA


periMICA edge computer

The periMICA edge computer impresses with its award-winning Modular Industry Computing Architecture. Thanks to its modular approach, it can be adapted as required. In a flexible modular system, hardware modules and software apps can be combined as required and expanded with your own hardware and software elements.

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Starter and Development Kit

All beginnings are difficult, even for IoT projects. For a quick start, Perinet offers selected starter kits for typical applications that can be run out-of-the-box. In addition to these starter kits (or the Starter Kit Plus with Edge Computer), a development kit with modular boards and containerized software enables you to develop your own complex applications.


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IoT can be enabled in a wide variety of environments, e.g. in industrial, building technology or home applications. Installation and commissioning should always be as simple as possible. This is exactely why we offer the perfect fit accessories.

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