Expertise The Perinet Seamless IoT Connectivity System

The integration of digital data acquisition and processing into their plants, systems and devices confronts plant operators, system integrators and sensor manufacturers with similar challenges: Implementation takes a long time, costs a lot of money and data communication requires various interfaces that can often only be integrated into existing systems with a lot of additional effort and specific knowledge.

Global standards such as SPE and IP-based protocols ensure future-proofing through their high performance and enable a consistent connection from the field or sensor level to the IT without media discontinuity.

Three typical application areas in which the Perinet IoT Connectivity System can offer high added value without great effort are presented below.

The Perinet Seamless IoT Connectivity System is based on key topics

Use Cases in commercial and industrial environments

Industrial retrofit

Existing systems can be quickly and easily upgraded to the latest technologies such as predictive maintenance and digital twins.

Powerful extensions such as the periMICA Edge Computer enable or upgrade the networking of existing solutions.

Process automation

Clearly structured, secure communication systems easily enable high-performance connections between field and operational levels.

This allows company divisions to be directly linked and processes to be made more transparent and efficient.

Design-In Network Connectivity

Sensor manufacturers can expand their OEM range with individual network capabilities almost immediately, making it fit for the future.

The tried-and-tested Perinet communication module can easily and securely connect a wide variety of sensors to all network layers of IP communication.