The periCORE Development Kit provides a full-featured development environment. It is used for application-specific firmware development for the periCORE Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) communication module. Due to its modular hardware design, the periCORE Development Kit supports all interfaces of the periCORE module in a variety of combinations.

The modular hardware makes it easy to extend the periCORE Development Kit with customised interfaces, e.g. for dedicated sensors. The kit is supplied with hardware and software components.

periCORE Development Kit

The award-winning Modular Industry Computing Architecture has been taken up and redesigned by Perinet. Thanks to the flexible, modular approach, the periMICA edge computer can be adapted as needed. Depending on the application and environment, different hardware modules and software apps can be combined from a construction kit and expanded with custom hardware and software elements.

The successful combination of industry-standard hardware and open source-based software has been retained in order to take over decentralised tasks in the field. The platform is based on a secure Linux system, applications run in independent software containers. In addition to the compact and robust IP67 aluminium housing, periMICA will soon also be available as an IP20 version for installation in the control cabinet.

The development kit consists of:

  • Devboard with slder-on periCORE Module and the following auxiliary boards.
    • 2 channel GPIO 24V
    • 0-10V Input
    • PT100 Input
    • I2C temperature/humidity sensor
    • M8 SPE Hybrid Male
    • M8 SPE Hybrid Female
    • SPE Female
    • 2x SPE Terminals
    • RJ45 (Fast Ethernet)
  • periMICA with debugging software
  • DebuggerDevelopment environment as Docker container (compiler, libraries)
  • Reference implementations for the enclosed sensor boards

Order numbers and details

periCORE PRN.000.001 periCORE single pair ethernet communication module
periCORE Development Board PRN.000.019 Minimal firmware development setup
periCORE Development Kit PRN.000.020 Full featured firmware development setup