The Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology presented in the Starter Kit enables the seamless connection of sensors and actuators to networks.

The Starter Kit connects a specific analog sensor with known Internet protocols such as MQTTs and HTTPs. The supplied smart adapter converts either the analog sensor value into a variable and unit (such as millimeter) or the contactor into a network-compatible device. The adapter can be accessed via a browser and does not require any configuration.

Starter Kit

The three different starter kits (Distance, Temperature and GPIO) underline the simplicity of connecting sensors & actuators to networks.

After assembling the kit, the sensor value or contactor becomes accessible via browser and transmits measured values. This functionality is completely scalable and easily transferable to other sensors and actuators.

The Starter Kit is available in three variants and contains the following Perinet Smart Components:

  • periNODE smart adapter 0-10V oder periNODE smart adapter Pt100 oder periNODE smart adapter GPIO
  • periSTART media converter standard
  • periLINE hybrid SPE cable

The starter kit contains all the components you need to connect the enclosed sensor or contactor directly to your local network in a point-to-point setup and to visualize the sensor values via your web browser.

periNODE distance Version 18
periNODE distance Version 22
periNODE 0-10V Version 18
periNODE 0-10V Version 22
periNODE GPIO Version 18
periNODE GPIO Version 22
periNODE Pt100 Version 18
periNODE Pt100 Version 22
periSTART standard Version 18
periSTART standard Version 22


Order numbers and details

Starter Kit Distance PRN.000.005 Demo-Kit mit periNODE 0-10V und MD-Sensor.
Starter Kit Temperatur PRN.000.038 Demo-Kit mit periNODE Pt100 und Wika-Sensor.
Starter Kit GPIO PRN.000.064 Demo-Kit mit periNODE GPIO und Schützschalter.
periNODE 0-10V PRN.000.002 Smart Adapter für 0 bis 10V Signaltyp.
periNODE Pt100 PRN.000.006 Smart Adapter für Pt100 basierte Widerstandstemperatur Widerstandstemperaturfühler (RTD).
periNODE GPIO PRN.000.010 Smart adapter für GPIO-Signale.
periSTART Standard PRN.000.003 Hybrid SPE Medienkonverter mit M8 Stecker.
periLINE PRN.000.017 0,2m Hybrid-SPE-Kabel mit M8-Steckern.