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We are delighted to have Gavin Stoppel and REACHFOR IIOT, an experienced expert, as our UK sales representative. He represents manufacturers and suppliers in the field of IIoT and UHF RFID antennas. In addition, he offers consulting and proof of concept services. Gavin Stoppel has been involved in industrial automation for over 30 years and actively involved in RFID applications and solutions for the past 10 years. He will be responsible for the development of UK sales, support and service to UK customers. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

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The Starter Kits Mini and Plus contain the Perinet Smart Components and the periMICA.

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Innovative ideas for new (I)IoT use cases Seamless Sensor2Cloud integration

Targeted monitoring and influencing of production processes from IT-intensive applications, such as ERP or PDC systems, is currently state of the art. Amongst other things, it is possible to drastically increase efficiency in production, for example through continuous condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machines, or to manufacture customized products in small batch sizes (Industry 4.0). These use cases are also becoming increasingly important in the commercial sector; more efficient energy use in smart buildings or ensuring the availability of goods at the point of sale in smart retail are just a few examples.

The new digital applications require direct access to individual sensors and actuators. However, due to existing IT (information technology) / AT (automation technology) structures that are only partially or not at all permeable, this is often only costly and therefore uneconomical to implement. We are out to change this and are, therefore, consistently improving the approach of making field-level sensors and actuators network-compatible, i.e. connecting them directly to IT systems without the need for a protocol change.

Against this background, we are developing new components that, with the help of innovative technologies, allow seamless end-to-end communication from and to the outermost edge of the network - the field or sensor/actuator level. With the periCORE SPE communication module, Perinet has developed the world's first single pair Ethernet-based electronics for direct integration into simple sensors.

Thereby, we simplify access to relevant data for process control and, thus, improve the economic efficiency of existing applications, enabling new use cases and business models based upon them. Of course, we do not compromise on data security and rely on fully secured communication down to the smallest system components.




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