Developing new approaches on a solid foundation

Link between worlds

A few years ago, we had the idea to develop something that would connect the Internet world with the machine world. There was no name for it yet. It was supposed to be a modular and open platform that could handle many programming languages; a link that would connect machines and systems directly to the cloud and thus also to each other. We were looking for something really groundbreaking.

This idea gave rise to the MICA, a modular industrial computer, today also called Edge Gateway or Edge Computer. This revolutionary product won the HERMES Award in 2016. Since then, MICA has evolved into a network with numerous software-based solution packages for industrial applications, focusing on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance via retrofitting.

But there was more to do to build a new, end-to-end infrastructure from the cloud to the field level. We quickly agreed that we needed to go directly to the sensor to achieve an even better data tap and offer the market a simple and resource-friendly implementation of the above use cases.

For decades, I have been inspired by the courage to break new ground, to think ahead, to dare to do something new. Digitalization needs a powerful infrastructure that seamlessly connects data hubs and sensors and actuators at the field level. This is what drives me to this day, and to pursue this idea - detached from the industrialization of MICA - a creative think tank was established, Perinet GmbH.

Dietmar Harting
Entrepreneur & Visionary
Perinet GmbH

Pioneer in seamless connection of field level and operational IT

Our start-up, founded in October 2018, has the clear objective of occupying a pioneering role in a highly specialized niche market. The seamless connection of field level and operational IT by means of end-to-end communication is our vision.

We have developed our main product according to these specifications. The periCORE SPE communication module is a very small core board on which the other Perinet Smart Components for Seamless IoT Connectivity are also based.

Against the background of increasing digitalization in the industrial, commercial (e.g. smart building or smart retail) and even domestic sectors (smart home), we offer pragmatic approaches with which analog existing systems (brownfield) can also become fully-fledged components of IIoT and IoT systems through retrofitting and, as a positive secondary effect so to speak, thereby also increase their useful life for the system operators.

In his role as managing partner of Perinet GmbH, Dietmar Harting is primarily our promoter and supporter. The operational management is the responsibility of the former MICA development manager Dr. Karsten Walther. Our team, which has now grown to over 20 employees, has internalized just the right mix of start-up thinking, technological enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. We are enthusiastic about the idea of breaking new ground and contributing ideas in an open exchange.

Our vision is the seamless connectivity of sensors and actuators to IT-systems by means of continuous communication down to the field level.

Modern technology for innovative products

Our core competence is the development and production of components for industry-specific and commercial tasks, which are used for example in production plants or building automation.

Based on state-of-the-art technologies, we design and manufacture new, innovative electronic and electromechanical products and the associated software. We do not manufacture sensors or actuators, but activate the potential of the sensors and actuators available on the market from a wide range of suppliers. In doing so, we make them freely combinable, independent of manufacturer and type, thus giving our customers new freedom in the implementation of their digitalization projects.