Sensors & actuators in the IP world

Universal application possibilities From greenfield integration to upgrading analogue brownfield systems

Perinet's focus is on providing solutions at the operational level, i.e. above the automation level. This integration of the operational level enables links between different areas in the company and, thus, supports the creation of new value chains through automated process control. With our approach, we serve customers from a wide range of sectors for use cases from the industrial as well as commercial environment, in all markets in which a simple, fast and economic connection of sensors or actuators to higher-level IT systems is desired, such as in the condition monitoring of machinesand the predictive maintenance based thereupon, but also in building automation.

We have listed some exemplary use cases here:

  • Process digitization & monitoring, e.g. pH value monitoring in electroplating
  • Condition monitoring, e.g. through vibration measurement on drives and motors
  • Quality monitoring to avoid faulty part production, e.g. cavity pressure measurement in injection moulding
  • predictive or data-driven maintenance based on condition monitoring
  • Modular manufacturing (Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory) through networking and collective action of sensors and actuators
  • Tracking of goods (asset tracking) based on RFID
  • Building automation (Smart Building), e.g. in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems (HVAC), lighting & shading
  • Infrastructure monitoring (Smart City), e.g. traffic flow measurement