Focus on operational value creation

Use cases Sensor2Cloud for IoT, IIoT & Industry 4.0

Perinet's focus is on providing components for the simple, fast and economical connection of field and operational levels (operations).
The integration of field devices into IT systems above the automation level allows links between different business areas and thus supports the creation of new value chains through improved process control.

Our approach is designed for use cases in both industrial and commercial environments. Accordingly, we serve customers from a wide range of industries in the implementation of their IoT, IIoT & Industrie 4.0 applications. The possibilities are manifold, you can find some use case examples here:

In the industrial environment, amongst others:

  • Sensor and actuator original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who want to upgrade their product portfolio for IoT or IIoT applications
  • System integrators & consultants who want to make their digitalization projects more efficient
  • Machine builders who want to gain insights into the behavior of their machines in production environments (condition monitoring)
  • Plant manufacturers who want to digitalize heterogeneous machine parks in a holistic way
  • Plant operators who want to optimize production processes and minimize machine downtime (condition monitoring)
  • Maintenance service providers who want to offer service intervals according to demand (predictive maintenance)
  • Financial service providers who want to offer insurance or leasing concepts based on usage data (pay-per-use)
  • Real estate facility managers & project developers who want to implement building automation (smart building)
  • Logistics service providers who want to optimize their intra-logistics

In the commercial environment, for example:

  • Property owners, administrators & facility managers who want to automate their building portfolio
  • Hospitals and nursing homes that want to monitor the proper functioning of their medical equipment
  • Manufacturing companies that want to digitize their warehousing and intra-logistics

Use Cases